Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Promo Progress ... kind of

I've checked off a couple of items from this year's To Do List.

* Submitted my cozy series to a new publisher. I had to write a synopsis (yikes. It's been years since I had to do that), so that slowed me down. But I submitted one book and the details about the other 3 finished books and the 2 I'm writing.

* I got an author page going on Facebook. Well, it's not public yet, but it will be soon. I've been diddling with it here and there.

* I'm digging back into Twitter. Lord, I dislike Twitter because it's addictive. But I'm limiting myself to just a few minutes a day. So far, so good.

Not bad for 13 days into the year. I've got 2 chapters written in Whole (the Alice in Wonderland book), and I plan to hole up (no pun) this weekend and get some Serious Writing Done.

Next up: writing, dig into Goodreads, and get that Author Page published. Then consult my list and see What's Next.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's up in 2015?

Everybody makes goals for the year, and here are mine:

1. Find a publisher for my cozy mystery series. I love my romance publisher (Wild Rose Press), but this is a mystery series and it needs a different publisher, I think.

2. Write two books before May 1. These are two more books to join the 4 books already done for the Remembered Classics Mystery series (see #1). Two books, 4 months? Crazy? Just maybe.

3. Spend May to December (hmm. Is there a song there?) working on the Endless American Dream series.

4. PROMOTE Promote PROMOTE. I have 20+ books in my freakin' back list. Get out there and sell those puppies!

5. Everything else: world peace, lose 20 pounds, exercise more, drink less. The usual.

Okay, the goals are on paper, so to speak. Let's see if I can do it!

Friday, December 5, 2014

I hit my deadline!

Yep, I hit my self-imposed deadline. I wrote Book 4 of the Dream series and finished it on Dec. 1. I'm now reviewing and editing for the month of December, then in January I kick off a new project:


The dreaded P word. I'm going to experiment with different promotional ideas, including the Kindle Scout program.

So stay tuned. Things might just get interesting ....

Thursday, November 13, 2014

On track, on target, writing like a fiend

I've finished Emma and Booker's part of Book 4. Now I'm working on Drew and Pete's. That means I have 10 more chapters to write then I'm done. I set a goal to have this done by mid-December at the latest, so I'm writing like a crazy fiend.

Also, I plotted 2 -- yes, 2 -- books at my casino getaway with my writing buddies, so in January I'm going to leap on those books. I'll have 4 mysteries done (plus those two once they're done) and 4 American Dream books done. 8 books in the bag.

Now time to find a publisher....

Thursday, October 23, 2014

And the epic continues!

I am making amazing progress on the Endless American Dream series. I'm almost done with book 4. I have Booker's chapters finished, 2 more Emma chapters to write, then 7 Drew chapters to write. I think I can finish it by December 1 (my goal), then assemble it all and do some critical editing.

In January I want to start writing a new mystery and kick off my new adventure: a year of promo. I do little or no promotion for my books, so I'm designating 2015 as The Year of Promotion. I'll focus on promotion every day, in some way shape or form, along with my writing. I hope to work on the Dream series from March until December next year.

I also want to find a publisher for my Children's Classic Mysteries (my re-write of the Arthur story, Peter Pan, etc.) I'm not getting any feedback from the editor I pitched to, so I'm going to move on and find someone else. Or Wild Rose, but I'm not sure they're right for them.

I shall report back on my progress, of course.

Tomorrow I'm off to the casino to plot a new book (see note above about writing in January). Wish me luck on the slots!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Progress progress progress

I'm feverishly working on the Endless American Dream series. I took a week to just think about the plot for the next 3 books (Volume 2), so I have a clear sense of direction to work toward. I'm about halfway done with Book 4, have a large amount of Book 5 blocked out, and have a glimmer of ideas for Book 6.

My goal was to work on this until Dec. 31 this year, but I may extend that goal. Or I may shift my focus briefly and write another mystery (I have ideas simmering), then come back to this more or less full-time.

I have 4 mysteries in the bag, ready to release, and am waiting to hear back from an editor about whether she wants them or not. If she does -- yay! I'm set for a few years, and can focus on the Dream series. If not, I'll have to hone them and continue to shop them around, or self-pub them, but I'd rather have a publisher for those books.

So in short: keeping busy! I'll report back  on if I get a contract or not. Fingers crossed!