Where Am I?

I have an easy conference year scheduled. Here's where I am this year:
  • Feb. Love Is Murder. I'm on a couple of panels there.
  • June: RomCon's annual conference. Always fun!
  • October: in Wisconsin for my writer's retreat. Catch me at a local casino.

I'm frequently out and about on the Web. Here are some favorite spots:

  • My web site: www.jayellwilson.com (you're here, sort of)
  • Twitter: @JLwriter (I'm there every day, sometimes many times a day)
  • Facebook or MySpace. I'm more often on Facebook so check there first (my user name is jayellwilson there -- sometimes that link doesn't work. Not sure why!)
  • My "Blog, Think, Do" blog, where I wax philosophical on a random basis. 
  • A new endeavor, a blog about "Writing In Between (Life)". I'm hoping to solicit feedback and ideas from other writers.
  • I do a monthly post at the How To Write Shop (right here, under Resources and Links) and a monthly post at the Savvy Authors blog (right here).

You can also join my Yahoo group by clicking this link. I use the group to send out notices when a current newsletter is ready. 

Need to contact me? Send email to jaye@jayellwilson.com!